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Frequently Asked Questions

  What's included in the Cinema ProMED System?  

The ZEISS cinemizer OLED 3D multimedia video glasses – 30-pin Apple connector, HDMI and Analog A/V adapters - cinemizer Eyeshield – Sony noise reduction on-ear headphones – Ear buds - Sanitary earphone covers (starter pack) - USB wall outlet and charge cable (for cinemizer rechargeable battery) – Carry/storage case – Tutorial videos for set-up and use - Promotional materials - 30 and 60 minute suggestion menu (for Netflix)

  Can the Cinema ProMED System be sanitized?  
  Yes, there are two primary parts that come in contact with the skin of the patient.  It’s most important to disinfect these parts between each patient - The Eyeshield touches the patient’s face around the eyes and on-ear headphones cover the ears.  The Eyeshield is removable and can be cold sanitized with a low alcohol (or alcohol-free) disinfecting wipe or hot sanitized (autoclave on lowest setting).  For earphone sanitation, The Cinema ProMED System includes a starter pack of disposable earphone covers which can be easily changed between patients.  The remaining surface of the Cinema ProMED System can be cleaned with a low alcohol (or alcohol-free) disinfecting wipe.  However the lenses should NOT be cleaned with a wet solvent.    A dry lens wipe should be used to clean the lenses on the glasses.   
  Which media devices are compatible with the Cinema ProMED System?  
  Any media playback device that connects to HDMI or Analog A/V can be connected.  Depending on the device, you may need to have a specific adapter made for your device.  For example, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone will connect, however Samsung sells a proprietary connector that adapts the video out port on the device to HDMI.  To connect to this device, you will need a Samsung Galaxy MHL Adapter.  Most mobile devices have adapters like this that converts the video-out port to HDMI.  Standard HDMI devices such as:  most PC/Mac computers, Blu-ray players, Xbox, Playstation, cable TV box, etc. will connect directly to the Cinema ProMED System without the need for any additional adapters.  Also, the Cinema ProMED System includes a 30-pin Apple Adapter kit that makes it simple to connect any 4th generation or earlier iPod, or iPhone, or 2nd generation iPad.  For reference, we include a connection chart in the Cinema ProMED System which helps to connect to various devices.  
  Which media device do you recommend using for the Cinema ProMED System?  

We recommend the 4th generation iPod touch.    This device is about the same size as the battery pack for the glasses and consumes very little power, making the continuous playback time for the iPod and glasses nearly 6 hours!  The 4th generation iPod touch also will connect to WiFi and offer the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu or other online streaming video sources.  Also, depending on the storage size, the iPod touch will store dozens of videos in the memory in the event WiFi is not available. 

  Can the Cinema ProMED System connect to the Apple 5th generation iPhone/iPod?  

Yes, but you will need to purchase an Apple Lightning Digital A/V adapter.  If any Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Air, etc.) use the lightning port then the Lightning Digital A/V adapter must be used in order for the cinemizer glasses to display video.  The Cinema ProMED System does include an HDMI Male/Male mini adapter that will make the connection clean without long cluttered cables.  NEW CINEMIZER APPE LIGHTING ADAPTER NOW AVAILABLE!


Can the Cinema ProMED System connect to my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy 4)?

  Yes.  You will need to purchase an adapter from Samsung that converts the video-out port to HDMI.  It's called and MHL to HDMI adapter and is available from most mobile phone providers that sell the Galaxy series of devices.  This adapter also requires an external power source in order to output video.  You can use the charge cable for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to power this adapter.  
  Will the Cinema ProMED System work with Netflix?  
  Yes.  Depending on which device you are using. You can access Netflix through the web browser on your device. For example, iPod touch or iPhone, you will need to open the Safari App then go to and log into your Netflix account. You must have an internet connection that will work with your device.  Note – If you do not have a Netflix account, you will need to set up an account via the web browser on a computer.  Accounts cannot be established on a mobile device.  
  Can I attach the Cinema ProMED System to my computer?  
  Yes.  Most PC/Mac computers sold since 2012 have an HDMI video out port.  For these computers, just plug in the cinemizer glasses using the HDMI adapter that is provided with the ProMED System.  Next, set your computer’s display properties to “mirror” or “extended” the main monitor.  For many computers, the cinemizer glasses will automatically connect when plugged in.  If not, make sure the refresh rate on your display driver is set to 50Hz or 60Hz in your Display Settings.  If your computer does not have an HDMI port, you may need an additional adapter such as VGA to HDMI, DVI to HDMI, or Display Port to HDMI, any of which can be sources from an electronics store or  
  Can the Cinema ProMED System be connected to an intraoral camera?  
  Yes, configuration is possible.  You will need to connect the camera to a laptop or PC as in normal use, then connect the cinemizer glasses to the HDMI video out port on the PC. In display properties on the PC, select to “mirror” main display.  This will show the video feed from the camera on both the PC display as well as in the cinemizer glasses.  

How do I watch a 3D video?


In order to view a video in 3D mode, you must have a video formatted for 3D.  Either side-by-side, top-bottom, line interleave, or HDMI 1.4 modes are accepted by the glasses.  To toggle to 3D mode, hold down the multifunction button which is located on the side of the battery box (the black box at the end of the video glasses cable) for several seconds until you will see the Green light turn to blue.  Once the light turns blue the glasses are in 3D mode.  To toggle back to 2D mode, simply press and hold the multifunction button for a few seconds until the light on the side of the battery box turns back to green.


What if a patient says they are seeing a double screen?

  Chances are if this is happening, you either have the glasses in 3D mode, or you are showing a 3D video and the 3D format is not correct.  If you are showing a 2D (standard) video make sure the cinemizer glasses are in 2D mode (green light side of battery box).  If you are showing a 3D video, press the multifunction wheel one time and look inside the glasses.  The On Screen Display (OSD) window should appear.  Scroll down to 3D settings and make sure the format is set according to the video you are showing.  Options are Side by Side (SBS) L/R, and R/L, Top/Bottom, or Bottom/Top  
  What is the menu for that shows inside the cinemizer glasses if I press the volume button?  

The On Screen Display (OSD) settings should rarely need to be adjusted.  If the multifunction button (volume control) on the side of the battery box gets pressed accidently, the OSD screen will appear and will automatically turn off within a few seconds.  However, if the displays screens in your cinemizer glasses seem different, a variety of adjustments to the color, balance, brightness, etc. can be made in the OSD settings.  Also, if you are watching a different type of 3D format, for example Top/Bottom 3D rather than Side-by-Side, you can make those adjustments in the OSD settings menu.  Refer to your cinemizer OLED manual for a detailed list of how to make changes to the OSD.

  How long will a single charge of the battery last?  

Battery life will depend on what type of device you are using as a video source.  With Apple 30-pin devices (4th generation or earlier), and devices that use the analog RCA cable, the battery will last approximately 6 hours of continuous play.  If your video source requires HDMI, then the battery will last between 2-3 hours. 


How do I know when the battery is getting low?

  When viewing a video when the battery is low, a battery life indicator will flash in the display.  This will let the viewer know that the battery is getting low. It is also possible to see the battery life from lights on the side of the battery box.  The battery life indicator light is next to the USB port on the battery box, SOLID GREEN means a fully charged battery, Blinking Green means almost full battery, YELLOW means that the battery is about 50% depleted, Blinking RED means almost exhausted, and SOLID RED means the battery is completely exhausted and the cinemizer glasses will soon shut off and not operate until the battery is recharged.  

While the battery is charging, the battery status LED flashes red, even if it was green earlier?


When the cinemizer glasses are in use and the battery status LED is green, it is possible that the charge level is just below GREEN Status. If a USB plug is inserted for charging, the battery status LED flashes red. This informs the user to charge the battery longer – which is also good for battery life.

  Can the Cinema ProMED System be plugged into a wall outlet while it’s being used to extend a charge on the battery?  

Yes.  Plugging the USB charging cable into an approved USB charging source during use will extend the charge of the battery.  However, for the glasses to operate while plugged-in there must be at least a ¼ battery life still remaining.  If the battery is completely drained, or below 25%, you will need to put a charge on the battery before it will operate continually.

  Can I overcharge the battery on the Cinema ProMED System?  

No.  It won’t hurt the Lithium Ion battery on the cinemizer glasses to be charged continually.  If you prefer to leave the battery charging continuously, it will not affect battery life.


Will the rubber eyeshield protect the eyes during a procedure?


Yes.  The rubber eyeshield is made of medical grade rubber and will protect the eyes from liquid spray and debris.

  What's the best way to clean the lenses on the Cinema ProMED System?  

The lenses on the glasses are made of a coated plastic and will scratch easily if they are wiped with any abrasive materials.  For this reason, we recommend using a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth with a small amount of saline cleaning spray.  Spray the lenses directly then carefully wipe in a circular motion until the lens is clean and dry.


Can I play videos through the USB port?


No.  The USB port on the Cinema ProMED System is for charging and loading firmware only.  The system only supports HDMI, Apple and A/V video inputs.

  Can I use my computer’s USB port to charge the Cinema ProMED System?  

Yes.  Any USB charging device that outputs 500mA or more will fully charge the battery on the cinemizer glasses. 

  Where can I find video content to download for creating my library of videos?  

We’ve created a YouTube channel under the name Total 3D Solutions  which we update the regularly with a variety of videos we recommend for use in a dental practice.  On this channel, you will find an assortment of documentaries, cartoons, relaxation videos, and movies – many in 3D format which can be downloaded to your mobile device for offline viewing. 


I wear glasses, can I still use the Cinema ProMED System?


Yes.  The cinemizer glasses have diopter adjustments that range from -5 to +2 which is enough to compensate for a majority of corrective lens needs.

  When I play a video, does the Cinema ProMED System convert it to 3D?  

No. The cinemizer glasses do not convert 2D videos or games into 3D. You must have a native 3D video or game to display 3D inside the glasses

  Is it possible that an iPod behaves differently after a new install or update of the IOS?  

Yes.  Although Apple offers frequent updates to the IOS in order to keep devices current, sometimes updates can negatively impact the behavior of how a device behaves with an accessory.  This issue is not limited to the cinemizer glasses.  If your Apple device was working properly with the cinemizer glasses before you made an update to the IOS, we recommend uninstalling the latest update and reverting back to the previous version of IOS.  This should correct the problem.


Why doesn't my iPod nano 6th generation work?


The 6th generation iPod nano does not support videos. Therefore, the 6th generation iPod nano is not compatible with the cinemizer glasses to play videos.

  I can't turn off the Cinema ProMED System by pressing the ON/OFF button.  

You can turn off the cinemizer glasses by briefly pressing the ON/OFF button. If you hold it, the system restarts.

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